What are wood chips?

Wood chips are small pieces of wood that can be made from a broad variety of raw material such as wood residues (i.e. logging residues, wood from forest thinning operations, stumps and roots, wood waste)

Why buy Wood Pellets?

Bio-mass wood pellet fuel is becoming a major fuel for home and commercial users, displacing mainly oil and gas boilers. Our wood pellets for sale are convenient and easy to use, whether bought as bagged pellets or bulk pellets,

Delivery and Transport

Barclay Wood llc products are used as raw material by leading companies to produce high quality final products as furniture.

The company operates its own delivery system of specialized vehicles to deliver goods to its corporate customers.

Logs for sale

Our seasoned logs are grown and harvested in Ukraine. We ensure that all the logs for sale from Barclay Wood llc are air dried and processed to fit stoves and open fires. This is an extremely cost effective method of heating your home.

About Us

Barclay Wood LLC

Barclay Wood llc is a Ukrainian owned, Ukrainian made, wood pellets

manufacturer who source materials from local and europe products.

The global wood pellet industry has grown exponentially with, as

expected, Sweden and Italy in the lead. In recent years Ukraine has

started to see the light and we are happy to be a part of a fast

moving market which we believe will have a long term and sustainable

part to play in our future energy mix.

Wood pellets are generally made from waste biomass products such as

sawdust, tree pruning’s or grass clippings. A pellet mill is used to

compact the waste biomass into an incredibly dense fuel source. Our

pledge to you is to supply top quality pellets using only ethically

sourced biomass.


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