Barclay Wood LLC

Barclay Wood llc is a Ukrainian owned, Ukrainian made, wood pellets

manufacturer who source materials from local and europe products.

The global wood pellet industry has grown exponentially with, as

expected, Sweden and Italy in the lead. In recent years Ukraine has

started to see the light and we are happy to be a part of a fast

moving market which we believe will have a long term and sustainable

part to play in our future energy mix.

Wood pellets are generally made from waste biomass products such as

sawdust, tree pruning’s or grass clippings. A pellet mill is used to

compact the waste biomass into an incredibly dense fuel source. Our

pledge to you is to supply top quality pellets using only ethically

sourced biomass. As a guarantee we have built our own factory to


  •     Quality
  •     Reliability in supply
  •     High environmental standards
  •     And to show you that we are committed for the long haul!

Barclay Wood llc is one of the largest producers of wood pellets, Charcoal, Firewoods, wood briqueete, coal briquette, Sawdust, Pine wood logs, spruce wood logs, oak wood logs etc in Ukraine. The company was founded in 2009 in the city of Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). The main goal is to produce environmentally friendly bio-fuel – wood pellets.

From the beginning we set ourselves the task of organizing the production, which would produce the highest quality products that complies with all European standards. Choosing a place to put a factory, we mainly focused on ecologically clean regions of Ukraine, one of which is considered the Dnipropetrovsk region.

The raw materials used by non-polluting waste timber and sawmill. When selecting equipment, we are primarily guided by its reliability, performance, environmental friendliness. Thus, in the process of pellet production is used equipment by leading European and Ukrainian producers, among them.

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