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Ash Logs

We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of  logs from Spruce, Birch, Oaks, Beech, Pine, Poplar, Eucalyptus, Ash  etc from Ukraine
Our diligent professionals make use of latest cutting-edge technology to cut the logs in to various lengths, width and thickness that suit the needs of our customers.


 We supply large quantities and ongoing consignments of predominantly round logs to various export and domestic markets around within Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Product specification

 ·         Moisture:                          Fresh cut
·         Grade:                                  A,B,C
·         Diameter:                         18cm – 24cm–25%
·         Length:                             4 meters plus
·         Straight all over the length
·         Small sound knots accepted
·         Sound knots on 1 face accepted (15cm maximum per 3 meters)
·         Dead knots deducted
·         No frost ring
·         No black knots
·         No rot
·         No holes
·         No brown color
·         Measurement:                    Small end, small size under bark•
·         Formula:                            Volume (m3) = (D² X L)/10000
 Logs Available :  (Spruce, Birch, Oaks, Beech, Pine, Poplar, Eucalyptus, Ash etc)

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